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Mockups for Confluence: New Small and Personal Licenses!

Hello everyone!

It is my pleasure to announce the immediate availability of two new Mockups for Confluence licensing options:

  • the new Small license level:  10 mockup editors for just $400
  • the new Personal license level: 3 mockup editors for just $149

The prices above get you a year of free support and upgrades, and an equal number of Mockups for Desktop licenses, so that your team will be able to work on your mockups even when offline - just like for all of our other Mockups for Confluence license levels.

The only difference is that support for these two new license levels is done exclusively via our GetSatisfaction forums, not via phone or email - you should know that we try to answer every question there as fast as we can, and we've never hung up the phone on anyone... 🙂

Why the new levels?

A good number of potential customers have emailed us in the past asking for smaller packages as a way to "get in the door" in their organizations.

A 10-editors pack is less intimidating than a 25-editors one, thus easier to justify for some.

I have wanted to offer these new packages for a while but I wanted to wait until we could support them adequately: now that Valerie's on board, I am confident we'll be able to continue to provide you with legendary support for the years to come.

Why is the Personal level not free?

I know that Atlassian offers a free Personal Confluence license for 2 users, which is great. I use it myself for my private documents.

Mockups for Confluence Personal is not free for three reasons:

  • I want to offer support for it (Confluence Personal is unsupported)
  • It comes with three Mockups for Desktop licenses (a $237 value)
  • Confluence Personal + Mockups for Confluence Personal + 3 Mockups for Desktop licenses, all for $149. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me! 🙂

Existing customers

Mockups for Confluence customers: want to downgrade? If you purchased the 25-editor Team edition in the last 30 days and would like to downgrade to a Small license, just email us at and we'll refund you $200 and send you a new key for 10 editors.

Mockups for Desktop customers: want to upgrade? If want to switch to Mockups for Confluence and take advantage of these two new license levels we'd be happy to offer you a $79 discount so that you don't have to pay for your Desktop version again: just email us at with your key info and we'll send you a discount code.

Where do I start?

Head over to the Mockups for Confluence page for all the details!

Are you at Atlassian Summit?

If you are in San Francisco for the Atlassian Summit make sure to come meet us in the sponsor pavillion and say hi!


I am also giving a talk as part of the "10 Killer Confluence Plugins" session on Monday at 4:45pm and I will be participating in the "Building a Commercial Plugin Business" panel discussion on Tuesday at 9:00am.



Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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