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Balsamiq Sponsorships & Raffles Update for March 2020

Hi friends!

One of the best aspects of our community is our desire to share lessons learned with growing businesses. Peldi has spoken about Balsamiq’s journey in various interviews and talks and we have always been transparent about our company’s financial health and growth.

Time and again we hear that Balsamiq is unmatched when it comes to customer service. We believe a large piece of that is thanks to our willingness to be open with people. If we want to foster trust and to build long-lasting relationships it’s important to not only share our successes but to be honest about our struggles.

A great conference that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to support each other in the same way is Business of Software. Their Cambridge event takes place this March 23-24. Consider joining them to learn something new or share your own wisdom! And if you can’t make it this time, they also will have a Boston event in September.

Current Raffles

We are raffling away FREE TICKETS (travel and lodging not included.) Enter to win! Good luck!

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Be good to one another!

Amanda for the Balsamiq Team

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