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Meet Michele and Ben!

Hello friends of Balsamiq!

Another week, another piece of good news. No, two! 🙂

We hired a new team member to speed up our software development, and we partnered with a long term friend's company to improve our software quality.

Meet Michele Orsini


Michele is a senior developer and former colleague of Marco and Paolo. He endured our grueling 2-week-long interviewing process, and left us all majorly impressed. We ended up learning a lot from him during the interview process! 🙂

Rumor has it that you can throw any programming challenge at him, and he'll figure it out. He's been working with us for a week or so, and I can already see there's truth to those rumors! 🙂

Michele's initial focus will be fixing as many Mockups bugs as possible, but he's also going to implement new features and help us with our very ambitious future plans for Mockups.

Michele's email is

We partnered with BSN Design, LLC


If you have used our GetSatisfaction Forums, chances are you have already interacted with Ben Norris of BSN Design, LLC.

Ben has been a Community Champion for us for months, monitoring the forums and often beating us to give you the perfect answer.

He has also been accurately reporting bugs on current and pre-release features for a long time, for which we are so grateful.

We have decided to make our relationship more official, and have started a long-term partnership with Ben's company, BSN Design, LLC.

Ben is going to help us all by testing our features before they go out, and continue to monitor and report issues coming from our awesome community, to make sure we maintain the high quality you've come to expect from us.

Even if he's not a Balsamiq employee, we gave Ben a email address so that he can better communicate with us and the community.

Please leave a comment below to help us welcome Michele and Ben to the extended Balsamiq family! 🙂


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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