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Meet Riley - 8 Year Old, Application Designer

I just received the following email, which I am publishing with permission:

Daugher using Mockups
I absolutely love Mockups. I run a software practice and we have about 40 ongoing projects. I have taken a few of my guys' designs and redone them in Mockups in a fraction of the time and with greater explanation of the requirements. They were blown away that the "boss" could do it. Thank you for that little pleasure!!

At home my eight-year-old daughter saw me using it and begged to try it. Within minutes she had a few layouts done for Chat Palace. Attaching the png and a picture of her working on it. So funny.

Kevin H.



Thanks Kevin, it's emails like these that make it all worthwhile.

Also notice how Riley's mockup in the first photo is different than the one attached...she's already iterating in order to provide her users with the best possible experience! Brilliant.

Riley, welcome to the fun and exciting world of website/application design! 🙂

So, who wants to fund Chat Palace and make it a reality? 😉

I am following up with Kevin to see if he'd be interested in putting us in touch with Riley's school, as we'd be happy to donate them a school-wide license...Riley could teach the course! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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