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"Minor Edit" Support in Mockups for Confluence

Spurred by a customer's email, I have made the following enhancement to Mockups for Confluence today.

The problem is that when people create and edit UI mockups in Confluence, they often make many small edits in rapid successions as ideas congeal in their mind. This results in a lot of email notifications sent out to people who are subscribed to the page with the mockup on it.

So starting today when you go to "Save and Close" a mockup, you'll see the following dialog:

Yes, it's the same dialog I already show in Mockups for JIRA.

Basically, if you just hit "Save", the edit is considered a "minor change", and no email notifications are sent out.

If instead you type a comment in the box describing what you changed, notifications are sent and the comment is displayed in the page's history.

Nice and simple, and solves a real problem. Love it! You can get the latest build of Mockups for Confluence here.

Thanks so much to Jim Hibbard from Spectrum K12 School Solutions for coming forward with this issue. Real-world usage stories like the one he described in his email are exactly what I need to make Mockups better for everyone!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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