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Mockups for FogBugz, Now Shipping!

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you all know that Mockups for FogBugz is now officially out of beta and available for immediate purchase, both for your installed FogBugz server or for your FogBugz onDemand account. 🙂

A few links:

That's it for the announcement. We already sold 5 copies of the on-premise version (before we even officially launched), so we're excited about this integration. I have to say that it came out really well....if we hadn't built it ourselves I'd definitely buy it for our team! 😉

I want to write a separate post in the near future about a few things we're doing with this plugin that are new to us and might be interesting for others, like the fact that the on-premise version can have multiple licenses at the same time, or the fact that the on-demand version is a "SaaS-on-someone-else's-servers" version. I also want to talk about a decision made during development that almost gave me a panic attack. Fun!

Many many thanks go out to Marco Botton, our rockstar developer here who became a .NET programmer overnight, and of course to the FogCreek crew (especially David Fullerton) for their invaluable help and support.

Alright, check out Mockups for FogBugz now! 🙂


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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