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A Sneak Peek at myBalsamiq, Our Web App

Hi there! Just a quick post to let you know that I finally got around to recording a quick tour of myBalsamiq, the upcoming Balsamiq Mockups Web App.

The tour is 13 minutes long and very "scruffy" as usual, but we're all friends here right? 😉

We suggest turning up the volume and going full-screen for a best viewing experience. If you're on an iPhone, here's a m4v version for you.

The video is now also available on the Mockups Web App page as well.

OK, back to work, there's still LOTS to do before we can ship myBalsamiq.

The beta is still closed, so stay tuned here for release announcements or follow @myBalsamiq on Twitter for updates!

Let us know what you think of it so far!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (17)

  1. Cheers mike. I’ll have alook at the video and thanks for getting back so quick.

  2. that should be “Couldn’t get to video link”!

  3. Matt, you can see an updated video demo of myBalsamiq here:

    The plan is to eventually sync between myBalsamiq and a different version of Desktop made for projects. You will be able to upload/download BMML files, but sync is the goal.

  4. Hiya, Could get to the video link so my question my appear daft but will there by integration between the desktop version of balsamiq and the mybalsamiq? Would be cool to be able to start off local versions and then upload for continued development or to download a model to work on offline.

  5. Looks really good and love the ‘pay as you use it’ option! If others would have done that, i’d have stayed a loyal customer to services i don’t always use!

  6. Thanks Peldi, I’ll be waiting for it.. it looks awseome, btw… and I was kidding with the mockingbird… I’m already a balsamiq fan…

  7. Peldi,

    Not sure if this is doable, but for your demo, try to make a left handed pane (better if its collapsible) that is a table of contents.

    Each “chaper” of the demo corresponds to a section of the TOC, which is highlighted as long as the demo is playing that section. Once the section is complete, the TOC title is greyed out to show that the section has “passed” in the running demo.

    I think it’d be a cool idea!

    Or, at the very least, preface each topic of the demo with a quick splash page describing the topic (e.g., “quick wireframing”…”sharing files”).

    Looking forward to using MyBalsamiq. Wish I could play with the beta to give more feedback!


  8. It’s very close! I think there might be too many pricing levels at first glance, especially since none of them go all the way down to free.

    Maybe a free single project account for desktop users would be a good bridge between desktop/mybalsamiq? Just thinking out loud.

    And of course, I would love to see something where I can mockup iphone apps, AND run the mockup on the iphone. Is this the impossible dream? I know people are working on it, but really wish balsamiq would get there first/soon…

    [Peldi: Hi deano, we’re not planning on offering a free level, but each level will have a 30-day trial version. As for iPhone mockups, I think Enrico from Napkee is working on it, I’ll ask him to comment here about it]

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  10. This looks awesome! Can’t wait! 🙂

    Love the “Only pay if you use it” idea – never seen that before. Excellent idea.

  11. Awesome; this “rough” version of myBalsamiq is looking pretty freaking slick! Can’t wait till it’s out!

    Peldi, you’ll be offering some sort of an API? I’d like to offer this as an integration option for my customers at some point.

    [Peldi: yup, that’s the plan. It will take a little while before we expose the APIs (gotta let the dust settle on the app itself first), but we’ll get there! :)]

  12. cool!

    Will it be possible for larger companies, to host their own mybalsamiq site on their own servers?

    [Peldi: yes, in two steps. First we’ll let you specify a domain to use which will still point to our servers (like does for instance). Step two is to package myBalsamiq into an installer and make it an enterprise product which you install behind your firewall. That’s maybe a year away though, and it won’t be cheap ;)]

  13. so, when are you shipping this? how do I get my hands on a beta? I’m starting some mockuping today with a small team, and I’m about to go with mockingbird… really 🙂

    [Peldi: hi EK, we’ll ship it when it’s not totally embarrassing any more, maybe a couple more months?]

  14. Seems interesting, looking forward to it!

  15. Is myBalsamiq flash based? I’m anticipating much wireframing and product designing on the iPad and hoping I’ll get to do that with Balsamiq one day!

    [Peldi: yes it’s flash based. Here’s a thread about Mockups on the iPad:

  16. Looks great. Hope you finish this soon – I’d love to use this for my projects.

  17. Love the ‘Only pay if you use it’ idea.