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myBalsamiq Launches!

Hello friends of Balsamiq.

The news we've all been waiting for is finally here: myBalsamiq launches today.

What is myBalsamiq?

Here's another few things you should know about myBalsamiq:

  • myBalsamiq is solid: it's been in private beta for months and we have never lost anyone's data.
  • myBalsamiq is useful: we already have 224 paying customers and 149 classrooms who rely on it month after month.
  • myBalsamiq is powerful: SSL security, version history, support for proposing alternative designs, automatic project mailing lists, email and Skype integration, RSS feeds, you name it.
  • our company is ready: we now have both support and technical staff both in Europe and in California, ready to answer your questions whenever you may have them.
  • our processes are ready: we have backups, redundancy, clustering, the goods. We can do zero-downtime updates and rollbacks with one click. We have monitors and alarms.
  • even our documentation is ready: we've put a lot of thought into it, take a look!

That said, myBalsamiq is officially born today, so it's still a little baby. There are some rough edges and some features are clearly missing (here's our myBalsamiq roadmap).

But you know what? Fixing bugs and adding features with your input is what we do best, what we love to do day after day! 🙂

Get on board, and together we can make myBalsamiq the most useful online UX tool in your company's arsenal, one weekly release at the time. It will be fun! 🙂

Alright, here's a few links for you:

This has been a MAJOR effort for the whole Balsamiq team, above all Luis, Louanne, Mike, Marco and Paolo. We've learned a lot in the process, and are excited to learn a lot more.

If you like what you see, please come back here and help me congratulate - and thank! - the team for making this new phase of our company community a reality.


P.S.Happy World Usability Day!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (10)

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  3. Great work to defend your market leadership ;-). Stay tuned.

  4. Amazing work. All the best from Italy and good luck for this new product.

  5. Version history and proposals for alternate designs out of the starting gate? You guys keep putting out products your users love…
    Congrats to the whole team!

    Nick Panagopoulos
  6. Awesome work to all the team at Balsamiq, can’t wait to get in and try it! You guys set the benchmark for truly caring for your customers that all web app developers aspire to.. Great job!

  7. I want to congratulate you Peldi and team for this. As you know, for a long time I have been using Balsamiq Desktop. For years I was begging you for such an online mockup sharing/collaboration capability. When I heard you would build it, you said to me “it would need to be Smooth as butter”.

    As you added me to the beta program, my team and I used it everyday for about a year. It wasn’t smooth as butter in the beginning, but eventually I began to depend on it more and more and it became an natural extension and replacement to Balsmaiq Desktop. Today – I can honestly say “It is indeed smooth as Butter”.

    I really admire that you really listened to all the feedback from the testers, and we all saw the product get better over time.

    It’s wonderful to work with a software company that really listens to their customers, and works tirelessly on the design and user experience of their products to get it just right. Smooth like butter!

    Hats off to you for an amazing product!

  8. Congrats for the awesome work Peldi, and kudos for the great passion you and your team put into it! I’m confident it’s going to be a huge success, and you deserve it all! All the best!

  9. We’ve been using it in “Delta” for quite some time and it works great.

  10. Rock on! Congratulations, folks. I’ve been eagerly anticipating myBalsamiq ever since you first mentioned it. Looking forward to rapid iteration on it, just like in the early days of the desktop version.