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New Feature: Merge Mockups

More than a new feature it's a change to the existing "Import Mockup" feature.

Starting now, importing a mockup will no longer clear the current mockup.

No UI changes, just use the Import Mockup feature as you did before.

The change is important for when you are creating multiple mockups with common elements between them.

You can now create a mockup file with the common elements (you might call it a template), then import it wherever you need it.

This feature can also help you create a library of common composite UI widgets which you can reuse over and over, just import them when you need them!

One note: importing things this way is a lot harder (i.e. slower) than before, since I have to make sure that control IDs don't conflict and other pretty hard under-the-hood stuff. It shouldn't take too long, maybe 5-10 seconds for a complex mockup. I added a "spinning clock" cursor and the "Import" button says "please wait..." during the import, to give you some feedback. Take it as an opportunity to take a quick stretch! 🙂


This is another feature with no UI changes and hopefully a big impact, yay! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (2)

  1. i using in one text box and some button ,i move to one place to anther place in all text box and buttons.
    i single button click next move to one by one ,so alignment is missing,time take in our ,so how to merge in all tools in move one place to anther place merge