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Balsamiq Sponsorships & Raffle Update for November 2019

Hello once again, friends!

As you may know we at Balsamiq are admirers of open source. Not only do we make an effort to sponsor events that promote open source, such as nodejsday and Software Freedom Day, but we also open source parts of our code, tools, and even our Balsamiq Sans font.

UI Design shouldn’t have a high barrier to entry if we want to reach our goal to rid the world of bad software. We believe people of all different backgrounds should have access to tools that teach coding and that inclusivity makes the tech community better for everyone. It is a pleasure to support conferences that feel the same.

Current Raffles

We are raffling away FREE TICKETS (travel and lodging not included.) Enter to win! Good luck!

Sponsored Events

North America



As the end of 2019 draws near we continue to look at our practices and contemplate new ways to increase diversity in tech and we’re excited to work together with our sponsored events to achieve this.

Amanda for the Balsamiq Team

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