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[Release] Non-Image Assets!

Hello friends of Balsamiq!

We continue to crank out new features and fix bugs for your enjoyment.

Today's little big feature is called...

Non-Image Assets!

Did you ever wish you could keep all of your collateral files together with your wireframes? Logos in Photoshop or Illustrator format, requirement documents in .docx format, zip files, PDF files, etc. etc.?

Well, now you can embed them into your BMPR! Just add them as assets, or even drag them on to the Mockups 3 for Desktop project window.

That's it! Now they'll be in the BMPR file, so your collaborators can just click on them and save them to disk, or update them to a new version with the recently added "Import new Version" feature:

You can think of Assets like a little suitcase: it stores your images, icons, and now anything else you want to keep in the same file as your wireframes. Handy! 🙂

A small note: right now we limit the size of each file to 20Mb for performance reasons. Let us know if that's not enough and we'll try and make it work.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved performance of loading projects.
  • Changed "Download" to "Save to Disk" for assets.
  • Added a handy "Download Project BMPR" menu item in Web Demo, so that you can easily bring your experiments to Mockups for Desktop. Thanks Sheila D. for the good idea!
  • We changed the auto-reset time from 24h to 1h in the Web Demo version.
  • On Save As, we now update the project title if it matches the old file name. This should help with this RaeHanley report.
  • If you hit CTRL+C with nothing selected, we no longer clear the clipboard. Thanks Michael_Yee for reporting it!
  • We now close the notes field and the position and size text fields when switching mockups. Thanks Jochen S. and Michael_Yee for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with cropping rotated images. Thanks ncrossland for the bug report!
  • Fixed an issue in the crop bar dimensions when cropping resized images. Thanks @JeromeR for the bug report!
  • Fixed an issue with converting a group that contains multiple groups to symbol.
  • Fixed an issue with overriding position and size with groups in symbols. Thanks Larry_Azevedo and Josh_Johnson for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard handling in Polish keyboards. Thanks Anciywen and pataps for reporting it!
  • We now select the cloned symbol after cloning it. Thanks aledis for requesting it!
  • Fixed in 3.1.6: we improved our DMG on OSX for people who have invisible files showing.
  • Fixed in 3.1.6: we fixed a regression with saving files to disk on open (now we go back to only saving when a change is made).
  • Fixed in 3.1.6: we fixed a regression with importing certain PNG images.
  • Fixed in 3.1.6: we fixed an inconsistency between the Close button and the Close project menu in Windows.
  • Fixed in 3.1.7: fixed an issue with quitting right after doing a "Save As" resulting in projects without some data in them.
  • Fixed in 3.1.7: made loading large project fast again (it got slower in 3.1.5 and 3.1.6)
  • Added in 3.1.7: we added an option to use a transparent background when exporting PNGs. It's a "Use Transparent Background" in the Export menu, check it out.

How do I update?

If you're using the Web Demo or Mockups 3 for Google Drive, you're already updated.

For Mockups 3 for Desktop, simply install from our download page on top of your current installation. You won't have to re-register.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, today's release is build 3.1.5. Update: we did a 3.1.6 release on Jul 13 and a 3.1.7 release on Jul 15 that fix a few more bugs (see above).

What else is going on?


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. Brilliant!