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How to Build a Business Meant to Last

Hello friends of Balsamiq!

Just a quick post to tell you about two new interviews with our founder and CEO Peldi.

Now that Balsamiq is over 10 years old, the questions Peldi gets asked have evolved: how did you manage to survive this long? what happens now that "you've made it" as an entrepreneur?

As Peldi talked about in this other interview with Claire Lew, the journey was not easy or without challenges.

Listen to all the details in his latest two interviews:

Building a Business Meant to Last with Peldi Guilizzoni of Balsamiq - The Indie Hackers Podcast, 15 Mar. 2019

Hosted by Courtland Allen, Peldi's interview for the Indie Hackers Podcast is all about longevity as a company and the path he took to get to Balsamiq's 10th anniversary.

Building a bootstrapped startup that lasts - Startup Circle, 14 Dec. 2018

How do you prototype a prototyping company? During the interview with Abdo Riani of Startup Circle, Peldi talks about his main motivation to start Balsamiq: a never-ending thirst for learning.

Do you have any questions you'd like to ask Peldi? Let us know in the comments below, or sign up for an Office Hour session with him! 😊

Thanks for listening!

Laura for the Balsamiq Team

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