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Polish-time, and Callouts!

Hi everyone. I used Mockups for a couple of hours the other day and realized that it was still too rough around the edges for my taste. So here's another small release to try and smooth things out a bit.

Bugs fixed

  • sometimes extra characters would appear when editing text in a control
  • sometimes the UI Library wouldn't appear/disappear
  • Empty rows of text in list-like controls get properly ignored now
  • The Desktop version now remembers the last open folder (instead of always going to the desktop)
  • The Desktop version adds ".xml" to your file name when saving if you forget to do so
  • In the Desktop version, keyboard shortcuts work in dialogs again (like when registering or for export/import)
  • In the Desktop version, the previous session is properly restored on startup

Enhancements and new small features

  • Added a "Show Notebook" option in the view menu (ok I did this a few days ago but didn't blog about it). Now you can use the whole canvas for your mockup. Every pixel counts! 🙂
  • Callout controls! Many of you asked for them, and here they are. Now you can add little notes or numbers or just highlight a section of your mockup easily.

  • Added a little green check-mark icon to the activation dialog which confirms that your serial key is correct
  • Menus have a background now
  • Groups, when selected, have a different selection color, so that you'll know that they are a group

  • improved the look of the property inspector a bit, with a little gradient and some space at the top which hopefully conveys the inspector's "draggability" a bit more:

Head over to the Mockups download pages (Mockups for Desktop and Mockups for Confluence) and give it a try!

There's lots more on my list, as Mockups is still not at "smooth as butter" level yet, so expect more small releases like this one in the near future.


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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