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Pre-Release: Symbols!

I know, we've all been waiting for this feature for so long, it's hard to believe it's actually here, ready for testing.

Here's a nine-minute video that gives you an overview of the feature:

And here's the draft of the documentation: Working with Symbols.

We spent a lot of effort testing the build to make sure it's both useful and solid, and we think it's ready.

Since this is the biggest single change in the Mockups codebase since we launched, we need your help in testing it before we release it ubto the wild.

So please oh please, will you install the Mockups for Desktop pre-release build now? We'll be eternally grateful. 😉

If you see anything broken at all, please report it on our GetSatisfaction forums. If everything goes well, we plan on releasing this as Mockups 2.0 next Tuesday, the 30th.


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (10)

  1. Great feature, not hot on the name… if you named it “widget” or “ux control”, or (using Balsamiq names) “Spice”, “Ingredient” or anything along those lines it would have been so obvious I wouldn’t need to watch the video… still awesome though

    Your team is incredible, Balsamiq has helped my startup actually get off the drawing boards…

    [Peldi: thanks Charlie 😉 – Symbols is what both Fireworks and Flash use for this feature. We like it because it encompasses both templates and master pages (big background symbols) and widgets and components (little symbols)]

    Charlie Brown
  2. Great Job Peldi and Team. You guys really set the bar in my opinion of what a great company is all about.

  3. Just incredible!

  4. I have only been using B for about a month now and already I can see what a difference that is going to make in my life! That is awesome, thanks…

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  6. Will we be able to set the zoom level across multiple mockups?

    Its a bit of a pain having to open all mockups then go through changing zoom levels on each each time i want to demo a project.

  7. Fantastic guys – congratulations on a great, well thought out upgrade that demonstrates how well you listen to customers and implement with finesse. I’ve been using the pre-releases to build our library of assets and it saves sooo much time! Well done and thanks!

  8. Great stuff!
    Not sure about the name though…

  9. Great news! I currently have a large project in Balsamiq which is in draft, by the end of the week it should be ready to refine into the final interactive mockup. Some of these new features should make it simple and should cut the time taken dramatically when mocking up the final layout.


  10. AWESOME! Super excited about this feature. Looks like a great implementation.