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A Quick Bug Fix Release

Hello again friends!

As it was to be expected after such a big release, some little bugs here and there popped up. Thanks to our awesome user community, we were able to identify and fix them all up quickly.

So without further ado, here's what's new in today's release:

  • the text in the UI Library controls now displays properly (they are no longer center-aligned)
  • bottom-snapping stopped working a while ago. Thank you Leon for reporting it
  • fixed a bug with pasting images into Mockups. Thanks to DrVital for the bug report
  • we do not allow you to "Convert To Symbol" if you have symbols.bmml open and "dirty", as well as if there's already a symbol with the same name in symbols.bmml. Thanks firelizard for bringing this up
  • fixed the background color when editing a Symbol Library (the green was too strong). Thanks Jim Jarret for pointing this out
  • We snuck a new little tiny feature in: you can now use \r to add line breaks in the Arrow controls! Thanks Lauren Shupp for asking about it and to Jenni for reminding me of it
  • While we were at it, we made arrows 1px skinnier for everyone (they were just too fat)
  • Fixed a number of issues with displaying %20 for spaces and crazy codes for non-latin characters in the following places: {mockup-path} and {mockup-name}, UI Library tooltips for Symbols, Open Recent file menu and all file-related notifications, PDF page names. Thanks to Jochen S. via email and to Jim Jarret and Martin for this thread.

We also made two other semi-secret quick little "hot-fix" releases since our last blog post, to fix these bugs:

  • fixed in 2.0.4: Fixed a problem with links while in presentation mode. Thanks to Louanne for finding it first, and to merle.corey.87 for reporting it.
  • fixed in 2.0.4: Fixed build number of Mockups for FogBugz (says 2.0.x instead of 999.x)
  • fixed in 2.0.5: Window/Dialog header/footer height controls both working on top bar only. Thanks to Dakota Brown for reporting this.
  • fixed in 2.0.5: Sketch it! didn’t work from the property inspector. Thanks to Win7Guru for reporting this.

So there you have it, a better quality 2.0 build of Mockups, come and get it!

How do I update?

Easy! Just install from our download page on top of your current installation. You won't have to re-register.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, these are the version numbers of today's release:

  • Mockups for Desktop: version 2.0.6 You might hit this one-time error if you haven't updated in a long time.
  • Mockups for Confluence: version 2.0.6
  • Mockups for JIRA: 2.0.6
  • Mockups for XWiki: version 2.0.5
  • Mockups for FogBugz: version 2.0.6
  • Web Demo: version 2.0.5 launch it


P.S.Paolo has been very busy lately as well: you can now get a quote automatically for upgrade and maintenance licenses, and the process of buying maintenance licenses from our buy page is a lot more streamlined. These changes will save Valerie and Natalie A TON of time, while delivering a better UX to our customers as well. Better living through scripting FTW!

Another P.S. Valerie was interviewed about our customer service on the SupportBee blog today, check it out!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. The %20 for filenames being fixed will be a nice addition to an already awesome release. Thanks for working round the clock on all of these fixes.