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Recommended Mockups for Desktop Upgrade

Today I finally had some time to dedicate to bug fixing and performance tuning.

Here's a summary, roughly in order of importance

  • the big one: in some instances, Mockups for Desktop wasn't saving data to disk properly on "Close Mockup" - a customer ran into this today and it resulted in him loosing an afternoon of work. I feel horrible about it and gladly refunded his money, the first time this happened (luckily Paypal makes this very easy and at no cost).
  • the Horizontal Curly brace text positioning bug that Michael reported. Man this was a pain, Flex doesn't really deal well with wrapping text
  • when you have a big scrolling mockup, the property inspector now will stay visible (you will no longer have to drag around to find where you left it)
  • when you have a big scrolling mockup, the Quick Add feature will place controls where you can see them (thanks again Michael for the bug report)
  • I made a performance optimization which I thought might make a big difference, but apparently didn't. Still, the code is cleaner and I know for a fact that some a good amount of CPU cycles are no longer being wasted on measuring control dimensions over and over again.
  • a second performance optimization made a big, noticeable difference: now importing mockups, pasting and ungrouping controls are all MUCH faster (I was wasting cycles in the way I selected the imported/pasted/ungrouped controls)
  • In Mockups for Desktop, if you hit CTRL+W and there are multiple dirty mockups, you will only be prompted to save the one you are closing, not all of them
  • In Mockups for Desktop, if you hit CTRL+Q or CTRL+W twice you no longer get the "are you sure" dialog twice (one on top of the other)

All the new builds are already live (Mockups for Desktop 1.1.29, Mockups for Confluence 1.1.26), I highly recommend getting them before you run in the "close doesn't save" bug.

My apologies for not catching this sooner, I really do feel bad about it.

Performance tuning is a way of life more than a task, so I'll keep digging. I also have lots more bugs to fix and little features to add, so it's back to work for me! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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