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A Nice Little Bug-fix Release

Hello friends!

Hopefully none of you noticed, but two weeks ago Balsamiq took a week off to get together at our 3rd annual company retreat! Val wrote all about it here.

Now that we're back, it's time for another little release while we work on some bigger features in the background.

What's in today's release?

  • All versions: fixed a number of little rendering bugs (including custom icons) in the export all as PDF or PNG features.
  • Mockups for Desktop: fixed a bug with some operations happening twice if caps+lock was turned on in Windows.
  • Mockups for Desktop: now copies images to the ./assets/ folder when dragged on to the canvas (this helps keeping everything nice and tidy).
  • myBalsamiq: fixed issue with database contention causing severe slowness and downtime due to inappropriate implementation of "last updated" feature which has been removed temporarily.
  • myBalsamiq: major optimization in project save speed when using Symbols.
  • myBalsamiq: now properly treats usernames as case-insensitive everywhere
  • myBalsamiq: custom icons in assets now show up as expected. Upload from within the editor is coming soon.
  • myBalsamiq: fixed loading issue for the myBalsamiq editor in firefox (thanks Mario Rimann).
  • myBalsamiq: fixed a white page issue when launching editor if flash cookies are disabled (thanks Toby Irvine).
  • myBalsamiq: we now use url fingerprinting for mockup snapshots and thumbs instead of relying on browser cache directives to avoid refresh issues.
  • myBalsamiq: fix issue in image asset thumbnail generation that caused issues on some PNG files.
  • myBalsamiq: mockups names ending with .bmml or .png are no longer allowed.
  • myBalsamiq: fix issue with uploading projects containing .DS_Store files.
  • myBalsamiq: fix issue with relative links in trial started email (thanks Maury McCoy, Ian Stokes-Rees).
  • myBalsamiq: fix issue with symbols getting stuck on "loading symbol" in editor (thanks Brent Turner).
  • Mockups for Google Drive: full rewrite in Java (more soon on why) and fix for "saving errors" when working on mockups for more than an hour.
  • Mockups for Confluence: made links backward compatible.
  • Mockups for Confluence: fixed an injection where the plugin always thought confluence had an unlimited license.
  • Mockups for Confluence: finally fixed a bug with session timeout.
  • Mockups for JIRA: finally fixed session timeout bug.
  • Mockups for XWiki: now supports XWiki setting saving attachments to disk.

How do I update?

If you're using myBalsamiq, you're already updated. Just log back in and enjoy.

For other versions, simply install from our download page on top of your current installation. You won't have to re-register.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, these are the version numbers of today's release:

  • myBalsamiq: build #3818
  • Mockups for Desktop: version 2.1.19
  • Mockups for Google Drive: version 2.1.16
  • Mockups for Confluence: version 2.1.20
  • Mockups for FogBugz: version 2.1.18
  • Mockups for JIRA: version 2.1.20
  • Mockups for XWiki: version 2.1.18
  • Web Demo: version 2.1.18 launch it

What else is going on?

Lots, as usual. Luis is working on setting up unified myBalsamiq logs with logstash and Kibana, Marco is putting the finishing touches on the iPad app's beta, I am working with my contacts at Google on adding support for image loading and uploading to Mockups for Google Drive, and lots and lots more. There's never enough time to do everything, but we're growing and are loving it every step of the way.


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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