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[Release] Resizeable Left Panel, New Export to PDF / Print Dialog, and More!

Hello friends!

Today's release brings you a couple of often-requested features, and some bug fixes. Let's dive in!

New Export to PDF / Print dialog!

Mostly for technical reasons, printing has been one of the roughest parts of Mockups for a long time. With today's release, we decided to get rid of it, and improve it at the same time! I know, it sounds non-sensical, but hear me out.

Before today's release, you could only print the current mockup you were seeing, and without any options. In today's release, we decided to remove that limited functionality and replace the Print command with the much more powerful "Export to PDF" command, which we also improved. This way, if you want to print something, you just export it to PDF and then print the PDF using your Operating System's built-in PDF viewer (or whatever PDF viewer you prefer to use). It's one more step, but it's worth it: think of the step of opening the PDF in the PDF viewer as the "Print Preview" step. No more having to print twice because it wasn't exactly what you wanted!

Here's how we improved the Export to PDF dialog:


  • You can now select which mockups you want to export. Your selection will be remembered on your computer.
  • You can now include mockup names and page numbers.
  • You can now include mockup notes.
  • You can now access the Export to PDF function with CTRL+P (or CMD+P). Handy!

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • You can now resize the left navigator panel (for Mockups, Assets and Symbol libraries). This will help if you have long mockup names or want to see bigger or smaller thumbnails. Your preference will be remembered for each project, on your computer.
  • Changed how we name mockup clones (no more "Copy of Copy of Copy of...")
  • We now sort Symbol Libraries and Symbols alphabetically.
  • Added font size support to Field Set, Callout, Menu Bar and Site Map controls.
  • Fixed an issue with resizing the combo box really small.
  • Fixed an issue in export when mockup names included "illegal" characters.
  • Fixed an issue with the Menu Bar control not exporting properly to PDF when autosized.
  • Fixed an issue with the Accordion control hiding things too early when resized small.
  • Fixed an issue with "Save Project As" not saving what was in the project's Trash.
  • Fixed an issue with locked controls not disappearing when an Alternate was promoted.
  • We got BMPR registered with IANA! The application/vnd.balsamiq.bmpr mime type for BMPR is now official! 🙂

How do I update?

If you're using Mockups 3 for Google Drive, you're already updated.

For Desktop, simply install from our download page on top of your current installation. You won't have to re-register.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, today's release is build 3.1.2.

Special Thanks

This release would not have been possible without the help of the following awesome people: ahobday, aledis, bjdewilde, Dan B., dantappin, Fabrizio D., fdivis, Francois H., George V., Guy J., heringsfilet, Jenni_Merrifield, Jennifer G., John P., kcandersen, Luibi Matt V., MrTaurus, Nick S., patrick, Peninah, RaeHanley, Romain A., screencaptor, Sharon S., Sheila S., Steve C., Tovi Grossman, Vauc, VinceSmith, vytasm, Wes F., wichase, and others.

Thank you all so much for your feature requests, your bug reports, and for caring about our little tool. 🙂


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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