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Even Santa Uses Balsamiq?

As you know, our little company is spread out around the world. We have a Hipchat room we use to share day-to-day stories, which helps us bond. Today Stefano told us a story from his weekend which we'd like to share with you:

The scenario is the Annual Inescapable Christmas Party Among Italians™ for families living in Leiden, Netherlands. Here's what happened:

...there I was, lost in the chaos of a horde of loose children, trying to hide behind a table full of cakes, pretending to look after Alberto who was happily working on his third slice of pandoro.

And then I meet this new face, a nice guy from Brazil, working on his PhD in Delft. It turns out we're both nerds so we start talking about stuff and then he says:

No way! I just lllloove Balsamiq! That's where I've seen your face! I'm trying to convince my whole department to buy a new license!

And so on. He also introduces me to his girlfriend... and then it occurs to me: "What are you doing in this forbidden hell if you're not Italian, you don't have children and don't even live nearby??"

"I'm supposed to be the Santa", he says". LOL!!

brazilian santa balsamiq fan

Thank you Stefano for sharing your little shiny story. And Happy Holidays to all of you from your friends at Balsamiq.

Francesca for the Balsamiq Team

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