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Balsamiq Sponsorships & Raffle Update for September 2019

Hi friends!

Here at Balsamiq, we care deeply for our community and we love to celebrate their successes. Our customer service excels at establishing real connections on a personal level and always treats people with respect.

That’s why we’re so grateful for any chance we have to talk to our peers in person. As we are a dispersed company we are often unable to attend events, but fortunately we will be going to the Business of Software conference happening in Boston from September 16th to the 18th.

If you see any of these individuals there, stop by and say “hello”; we would love to hear about your work!

Current Raffles

We are raffling away FREE TICKETS (travel and lodging not included.) Enter to win! Good luck!

Sponsored Events

North America



We’ll have more for you next month. Until then!

Amanda for the Balsamiq Team

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