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Spending a Lot of Time on the Website

Maybe because the clent-side of mockups is in pretty good shape, maybe because I bought two Web Usability related books and got sucked in by them, maybe because I'm a little afraid of really diving into the server-side work, I have been spending most of my time this week on the website.

Like the 37signals guys say, text is UI, so coming up with the right choice of words is crucial. Then Nielsen says to cut it in half, and to make it readable to an 8th grader. I now understand how valuable good copy editors are.

It's hard work for me (being ESL and all), but I welcome the challenge. There's always time to tweak some more right?

I also have been experimenting with other site designs that don't look quite as much like - I definitely don't want to steal their look when I go public with this and I want my site to have my own distinctive design - but I have to tell you, I consider their site to be NEAR-PERFECT, dang it. I can tell that they have been reading the same books I am and took their tips to heart. How do you improve perfection? Anyways I'll keep reading up, maybe I'll find something to improve and change my design in the process.

One thing I noticed is that their links don't change colors when visited, so I immediately changed mine to do so. Ha! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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