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CUSB Ultimate Sponsorship: Summer 2020 Update

Hi friends of Balsamiq,

It's Laura here, the Balsamiq ultimate frisbee player 😊.

This post continues the tradition of updating you twice a year on the joys and sorrows of the Bologna ultimate frisbee teams that Balsamiq sponsors.

For 2020, CUSB decided to focus on supporting women’s ultimate in 2 different ways:

  • Recruiting and retaining young girls, by forming the first under-17 women’s team of the club.
  • Highlighting female role models through online training.

The good news is that the new junior women's team had already started training before the lockdown, and they were loving it!

During the quarantine, all energy was instead dedicated to online training and social media projects, with a narrow focus on highlighting the female role models of the club.

Female Role Models

To read more about what happened, go check on the full update on our website.

Until this winter with the next update,

Laura for the Balsamiq Team

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