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Time to Kiss Comic Sans MS Goodbye

Ok so people hate Comic Sans MS, I get it now. So let's get rid of it.

Adam Alexander was kind enough to provide me with a list of possible replacements, so I thought I'd run a survey here for people to pick their favorite.

The survey will stay up until I have enough answers to give me a clear idea of what to do, maybe in a week or two?

To make it more interesting, the person with the most passionate response will win a copy of Mockups for Desktop, for them or to give away to a person of their choosing.

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Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (4)

  1. Corey, you can set up your config file to use whatever font you wish. See the instructions here:

  2. let us use our own?

  3. The problem of all those fonts is they do not support national languages. I suggest e.g.

  4. Had a thought about vote tallies: if it looks like two or three fonts are neck-and-neck for the win, you might want to have a second round of voting with the also-rans eliminated. This would yield a better reflection of group preferences, since we’re really grading these fonts on a sliding scale, with a second-best choice in mind even as we select our first-best choice. If the counts are close, a second round with the leaders would probably establish a clear winner, with some of those second-favorite preferences now coming into play.

    Obviously, a blowout in the first round would be the ideal outcome, so long as it’s the font I voted for … 🙂

    Michael Matti