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User Testing Your Balsamiq Prototypes with TryMyUI

The following is a guest post by Ritvij Gautam of TryMyUI.

Every designer faces a dilemma: we become so familiar with what we have created that we can't see aspects of the flow or copy that might be confusing or misunderstood. We’re so close to our designs that it’s just not possible to see it through objective eyes.

The answer to this dilemma is user testing. Putting our designs in front of users and listening to what they don’t like or don’t get is the only way to put feelers into those blind spots and fix our designs in the areas where they fail to meet people’s needs. And the earlier this process happens, the better.

To help Balsamiq customers create usable designs with a great user experience, TryMyUI is offering 5 free usability tests with users from our extensive panel to help you find the blind spots in your myBalsamiq prototypes.

Here’s what you’ll need to know to start testing.

1. Get your myBalsamiq prototype’s URL

First, make sure all the pages in your myBalsamiq mockup are linked to create an interactive, clickable prototype. Then, click on the Launch Prototype arrow.

Your prototype will launch in a new tab. Copy the URL from this new tab to your clipboard; this is the URL that your TryMyUI testers will be sent to, so you’ll need it when you set up your test in the next step.

2. Create your TryMyUI user test

Go to and enter your information to sign up with TryMyUI. Now you can create your test.

Balsamiq_Create Test

Fill out the New Test form. Make sure to set Prototype as the Site type so that users can be prepared with the proper instructions. Then, paste the URL of your Balsamiq prototype into the “Website Address” field.

After you’ve entered your URL, input the promo code BalsamiqUI into the field below. Five test credits will be added to your account; you will see them at the checkout step.

Our tips and hints will help you along the way as you set up your test. For extra guidance, read through the Tips & Pointers at the top right.

3. Order your free tests!

Review your test, then advance to select the number of users you’d like for your test. Your account will have 5 credits from the promo code – this will allow you to order up to 5 users for free, or you can get an even larger batch by buying additional credits.

Balsamiq Order

Select your desired number of testers, and then hit Checkout.

4. View your results, analyze & iterate!

You will receive an email notifying you when your results are ready. Log back into your TryMyUI account to watch your user videos and read through users’ written survey responses.

View Test

Your basic account with TryMyUI is always free, so you can return at any time to view your results again. You will never be charged unless you would like to order more tests or choose to upgrade your account to access our full analytical suite.


Usability testing your prototypes saves time and trouble. Doing your research in the early stages of design makes it easier to change things and build a more usable final product, and with just 5 users you can uncover 80% of the problems in your design.

So what are you waiting for? Get started improving your designs today!

Francesca for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (4)

  1. This sounds like a very valuable service. Sometimes one does not know how others perceive something. So the best thing to do is ask. Accessibility is also an important concept because the majority of Internet users are people with disabilities. If it is easy for them then it will be better for all.

    Antonella Russo
  2. Hi,

    There is nowhere to enter the code for free credits?

    Please help and explain, thank you!


    Laura Ajetunmobi
  3. Hey Lisa,

    1. TryMyUI has a way for you to preview a test end to end by taking the test yourself.
    2. Tests can be edited at anytime with the edit test option
    3. We have the capacity for you to ask post test written questions OR include a survey link to a third party survey tool in one of the tasks.
    4. Our largest customer base is comprised of lean startups and agencies that have to be budget oriented. Our Project Bundle and our month-to-month team plan are 2 of the lowest cost options on the market that still give you access to our robust analytical suite and a quorum of quality test results.

    I would love to get on a call with you and walk you through the tool personally so that I can understand your areas of frustration.


  4. I looked into using TryMyUi and, ironically, like most of the other usertesting tools it was horribly unfriendly. No capacity to preview your test from end-to-end. No capacity to change test before testing. No capacity to ask post test questions with inclusive and exclusive answers, rating or text.

    I just find it extraordinary that none of the user testing software has managed to put together an interface that actually works at a price that Lean projects can afford. A lot of projects can’t find afford, and don’t need ongoing user testing. Just make a user friendly interface that we can use intermittently as the project demands without having to fork out thousands. You’d have me as a customer if you did