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User-testing Your myBalsamiq Wireframes with Usabilla

The following is a guest blog post by Jurian Baas of Usabilla. Enjoy!

When Mike asked me to tell a bit about how Usabilla and myBalsamiq can be used together I got really excited. We use Balsamiq at Usabilla HQ ourselves, and more importantly, a lot of our clients love it and use it often. Our visual survey tool can be used to get user feedback in any stage of the design process, and is often used for testing wireframes.

I will show you how to take a prototype from your myBalsamiq project and get feedback on it by using a Usabilla test.

First, you need a Usabilla account. Luckily we offer a no-strings attached trial, so you can try it 30 days for free.

Sign up for a Usabilla account

After signing up, you can set up your first test. You can choose a template which has predefined tasks, or choose a blank template. I chose a 'like and dislike' test for this example. When you get to the test overview, you see two empty task cards, nicely tucked in between the introduction and thank you page.

Click the first card, and you can upload an image you want to test, or use a URL to generate an image.

This is where the magic comes in: you can insert any page from your myBalsamiq click-through prototype here. Just go to your project's prototype view by clicking the Launch Prototype arrow icon in the upper right of the screen under the New Mockup button.

This opens your project in a new window. Copy the url from your address bar.

You can easily select the page from your page gallery for the next task.

That's it! You can now let people give feedback on your myBalsamiq prototype with a Usabilla test. Hit 'Activate test', and send out the link to people you want to participate in your test.

After a few people completed the test, hit 'Analyze' and have a look at the feedback:

I hope you will be able to improve your wireframe by great user feedback! We are always happy to help people with setting up tests, so please let us know if you have any questions.

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (3)

  1. Usability is a good thing

  2. @Shannon, you could definitely usability test the Mockups made from the Desktop version. Just export your files to individual PNGs and upload them to Usabilla. myBalsamiq makes it possible to have a project’s files be web-accessible to other services, so it’s just easier. Doing it on the Desktop just requires a little extra effort.

  3. Hi! This is a great idea- but can it only be done from myBalsamiq, and not from Balsamiq Desktop?

    I am pretty new to Balsamiq but I feel like I keep coming across great features that are only for myBalsamiq and not Balsamiq desktop which is super frustrating……