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User Testing Your myBalsamiq Prototypes with

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The following is a guest blog post by Darrell Benatar of Enjoy!

Part of the reason we’re such big fans of the Balsamiq Mockups interface is how simple it is. Users can literally have a mockup of a new site or app ready to share with stakeholders and other team members in just minutes. In fact, we’ve recently finalized the design of one of our upcoming campaigns after creating our wireframes through Balsamiq’s desktop app.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on mockups created through myBalsamiq, which makes it easier than ever to get the feedback you need to optimize your prototype. Like all things related to design, it’s always a good idea to receive feedback from those outside your creative process.

While it’s great to pass along ideas to your teammates and collaborate on your latest mockup, there’s always a chance that you’ll miss out on important features that your end users are looking for.

At, our panel of users are at your disposal, and can provide you with detailed usability testing results in as little time as an hour...and it's affordable! Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Create Your Test:  Choose one of our task templates and customize it for your site.
  • We Notify Users: Users who fit your chosen demographic are notified and immediately record themselves using your site.
  • Get Feedback: In 1 hour, you'll get a usability test video and written answers to your questions.
  • Share Results: Combine your favorite clips into a highlight reel to email to your team.

Once you’re ready to share your wireframe with your team, take a moment to drop by and share it with our testers to gain valuable feedback from potential end users.

Here’s how you can get started in a few easy steps:

1. Create Your Prototype URL in myBalsamiq

When your mockup is ready to test, switch to prototype view and prepare your URL before heading over to With the click of a button you can generate a shareable URL for your prototype through myBalsamiq.


2. Select the Number of Participants for Your Test

Once you’re on our homepage, click on the “Pricing & Sign Up” link, then select the number of participants for your test. You can have as many as 100 participants reviewing your prototype.


3. Pick a Device & Test Type

Select Personal Computer or Mobile Device as your preferred device for the test, then choose whether or not you would like to use one of our templates that are prepopulated with tasks and questions based on your needs. We even have a tab prepared just for users looking to test their latest prototypes.


4. Copy & Paste Your Prototype URL

After you click “Start with this template,” copy your prototype URL and paste it into the first field.


5. Customize Your Test

Once you click “Continue,” you’ll have the option to customize the template with your own instructions, tasks, and questions for our testers.


6. Choose Your Demographic

When you’re ready, you’ll have the option of revising the number of participants you’d like to test your prototype, the source of your participants, and your target demographic.


7. Come Back In an Hour

Participants typically complete tests within an hour after you’ve submitted your test. As your tests are completed, you’ll receive an email notifying you that they’re ready to view. You’ll now be able to view a video of your prototype being tested, as well as answers to the questions you’ve provided. Through your dashboard, you’ll also be able to export your studies, create highlight reels of your video reviews, and share them with your team.

So that's it! Get the most out of your myBalsamiq prototypes and receive unbiased feedback on your mockups today. We're also more than happy to chat with you about your usability testing questions, so feel free to let us know how we can help at

Leon for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. It’s a shame UserTesting has become so expensive. A once great tool to receive quick, affordable feedback – is now a tool that only caters for those with large budgets. $99 per tester is astronomical!

    I can see why services like (, Feedback Army (, RayFeed ( have come about – they’re filling the gap in the market for affordable quick user testing.

  2. Hi Thomas, please contact with questions on their service. Try the email listed above – Thanks, Leon.

  3. Is it possible to see an example of the reviews we get?