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UX/UI Links, August 2017

Looking back at August with this "listicle" in mind, I couldn't help but sympathize with people new to User Interface Design.

Following news and trends can be overwhelming and what you need to know seems to be ever expanding. This is why I collect the best of the good advice and resources experienced practitioners share each month.

To Those New to Design

Dylan Wilbanks, Principal at Hêtre Design and co-founder of The Interconnected, compiled a candid list of advice for those who've made the decision to pursue a career in Design.

To Those New to Design offers 25 bites of knowledge, drawn from his experience to help you be a better designer (or persuade you into cheesemaking.)

You Don’t Need to Know Everything About UX

User Experience Design is an overwhelmingly broad field. But it's not necessary nor even possible to know it all, at least in the beginning.

Success comes from setting yourself up for a lifelong learning experience and, as Fabrizio Teixeira, Creative Director (UX) at R/GA points out in You Don’t Need to Know Everything About UX, keep in mind that "you don’t need to be a specialist in all possible verticals within User Experience Design" to be a good designer.

A Guide to Getting a Job in Design

Job hunting can be a draining, almost unnerving experience. Having the required skills is not enough. You need a strategy. 

UX Designer Caio Braga wrote A Guide for Getting a Job in Design, a collection of articles organized into 5 steps to help you get ready to land that desired role you've been preparing for.

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking

Beyond the perfect pixels and striking layouts, Design is about solving problems with well-crafted products and services. At the beginning of our careers, it is important to identify the best methods at hand to achieve these goals.

In How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking, author, professor, and speaker Christina Wodtke, helps us out with this task by shining light on why "Design Thinking works better than nearly any other approach to product and service innovation." Great read to set you off to a good start in the industry.

The State of Design

Let's wrap up with a light-hearted post to unwind, and also rejoice in our career choice 😊.

That's it! August gave us some good reads.

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Jess for the Balsamiq team.

Jessica for the Balsamiq Team

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