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UX/UI Links, March 2018

Good design is in the details. This month's collection of UX/UI links will help you review two details that are often overlooked: form contextual help and logout flow. 

We'll also learn about the ethics of data-driven design, the spectrum of design roles these days, and how to grow a company the bootstrapped way. 

All that in five links.

How to Display Tooltips on Mobile Forms

Ideally, people would understand the information they must fill in in a form with little effort. If not, we need to offer some assistance. Tooltips are an appropriate UI component for this task.

How to Display Tooltips on Mobile Forms by UXmovement, rounds up best practices and recommendations for "easy to spot, tap, and read" tooltips to raise the performance of your forms. 

For an in-depth dive into Tooltips, check out our UI Design 101 article on them.

The UX Logout Lapse

We spend all of our energy walking in our users' shoes and giving them an exceptional in-app experience, but what about the moment they want to leave? "Because the logout is such a staple action in our day to day digital processes, it is a prime place to inject some substance."

Roxanne Abercrombie, Online Content Manager at Parker Software, reflects on The UX Logout Lapse, and why and how we should avoid it to provide an optimal logout experience. 

Ethical Design: The Practical Getting-Started Guide

Digital products based on the capitalization and monetization of user data (a.k.a. Surveillance Capitalism) that deliberately take advantage of human behavior and make us addicts, in order to make money, should be considered unethical. 

But not all data-driven design falls into this category. In Ethical Design: The Practical Getting-Started GuideTrine Falbe, researcher and author of White Hat UX explains "how unethical design happens, and how to do ethical design through a set of best practices." 

To know more about Trine's work on Ethical UX, listen to this podcast episode of UI Breakfast.

The Spectrum of Design Roles in 2018

Designers' skills are "better understood as a line of wet paint drawn across a canvas." But for clarity (and sanity) at the time of hiring (or looking for a job,) we tend to emphasize the areas where the paint drips down intensely.

In The Spectrum of Design Roles in 2018, UX Engineer Jasper Stephenson does a fantastic job at explaining the breadth of design roles today, and what kind of designer your company needs (or what kind of designer you are.)

Feedback Driven Growth: A Process for Sustainable Growth

I’ve launched my app and can’t get any users, what should I do? - Delight the few users you have.” That's the advice Stuart Hall, Co-founder & CEO at Appbot has for all entrepreneurs struggling with their business growth.

Feedback Driven Growth: A Process For Sustainable Growth is a great read for all of you searching for a strategy to advance on the road to bootstrapped success.

That's all! I hope these are useful.

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Did I miss a good article? Let me know in the comments below; I'd love to hear from you.

Until next month! 

- Jess from The Balsamiq Team

Jessica for the Balsamiq Team

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