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UX/UI Links of October 2018

Some fresh finds this month focusing on the design process and the thorny challenges of designing around human behavior.

Only One Deliverable Matters

We’re all here to make amazing, meaningful, lasting products. The explorations we make along the way are ephemeral, and it’s okay to treat them that way.
- Josh Clark, UX designer and design leader

Why would we link to an article that tells you to skip wireframing? Because this thoughtful article about prioritizing the end product over intermediate deliverables is mostly in agreement with our philosophy that wireframes are not an end in themselves. It's not wireframes that are the problem, it's the way that they're so often (mis-)used.

Balancing Usability with Innovative Design

As UX practitioners, we should be constantly striving to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of UX design, but we should do so in a way that feels logical, natural, and intuitive.
- Sofia Quintero, Founder and CEO at

This article about balancing usability and innovation is a refreshing departure from two ubiquitous, yet seemingly contradictory, voices: one shouting "innovate or die!" while the other yells "people hate change!" Who could have guessed that the truth lies somewhere in the middle?

Things UX Designers Should Know – A conversation with David Travis

A core concept at the heart of user experience is, “You are not the user”. Intellectually, this is simple to understand but even the brightest UX designers seem to forget it as soon as they get in front of Sketch or any other prototyping tool.
- David Travis, User Experience Strategist

Anyone trying to learn about UX will eventually come across David Travis. Very few people are able to explain the basic concepts as well as he does. There is so much wisdom about avoiding common UX traps in this rare interview. Highly recommended.

The Psychology of Design

By revealing features at just the right time, we enable our users to adapt to complex workflows and feature sets without feeling overwhelmed.
- Jon Yablonski, Interaction Designer

This smart article dovetails nicely with our latest video course called "The Psychology of UI Design". It covers the key principles governing human behavior that affect how people interact with digital products, like cognitive load and "chunking." An excellent reference with good examples.

What Do Designers Really Want From Product Managers?

We need your help making user experience a priority. Acknowledge that details matter. Give us the time and space in the process to focus on details.
- Jess Eddy, Digital Product Designer

The relationship between product managers and designers has the potential to be symbiotic, but coming from two very different worlds produces an ongoing challenge. This thoughtful piece from a seasoned designer presents insights on how PMs can get the best out of their design companions.

Hope you found them useful. For previous installment, check out the archives.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome!

- Leon for The Balsamiq Team

Leon for the Balsamiq Team

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