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UX/UI Links, June 2017

Another month, another list of wonderful articles.

Here's the June selection of resources to keep learning and geeking out about design.

Successful Interaction Design Principles

Principles work as guiding lights in our professional path. In Boost Your UX with These Successful Interaction Design Principles, UX Designer, Miklos Philips explores some guidelines to create better digital experiences.

This in-depth article offers a great collection of fundamentals. Learning them will put you on the right path to introduce significant usability improvements in your products.


Nielsen Norman Group articles are critical for understanding user interfaces at their most granular levels. In Dropdowns: Design Guidelines, we find a neat explanation of these elements in their two forms: menus and boxes.

Although limiting dropdowns is preferable for a good user experience, following these sets of recommendations will translate into better site navigation and task success.

Horror Vacui

"There is too much white space," clients are famous for saying. UX Designer Rizwan Javaid shares a good tip to handle the situation: take it as an opportunity to educate your stakeholders.

Horror Vacui, the fear of white space offers a pleasant read with the basics of white space implementation and suggests a few good answers to get your clients onboard with your design solution.

A Critical Analysis of Notification Systems

Humans nowadays find themselves struggling to stay focused on important tasks. We fight a constant battle against distractions, and a large amount of them seems to come from the same place: our smartphones.

In A Critical Analysis of Notification Systems, Interaction Designer Shankar Raman examines the systems that iOS and Android use to keep us updated. The post prompts an interesting reflexion: Is there a better way to connect with the world?

10 Sites Doing Vertical Navigation Right

If you're planning on introducing some variations to the traditional website navigation, it's worth taking a look at these 10 Sites Doing Vertical Navigation Right. The list is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration curated by writer and designer, Jake Rocheleau.

If you'd like to keep reading...

Experienced Designer, Product Leader, and Author Dan Saffer shared his Favorite Introductory Psychology Books for Designers. The list makes it very tempting to start binge-reading!

To deepen your knowledge of human behavior and its impact on creating stuff people will love, pick a book from the list.

Writing roundups is such a fruitful exercise for learning and staying in the loop with UX and UI.

Want more links? Here’s our previous finds.

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Let's connect and learn together! 😉

Jessica for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. Thanks, great list! I especially liked the article about notification systems, very helpful. Personally, I keep an eye on latest UX/UI trends by looking through sites with portfolios and awards sites like, and

    • Hi James!
      We’re glad you enjoyed our selection.
      Thanks for the recommendations, we’ll keep an eye on them!

  2. I would also recommend User Story Map: the first UX map in a product’s life ( ).
    It’s one of the best UX articles on user story mapping, and how does it fit in the user-focused product design workflow. Quite well written too

    Amarilisz Blanka
    • Thanks for the link, Amarilisz. Interesting piece!
      We’ll share it on our Twitter for everyone to read 🙂