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Web Office Plugins

Today I registered - not a snazzy abstract Web2.0 company name, but it's descriptive and sums up nicely what I'm setting up to build, or at least the niche I'm planning to play in.

I'm still not 100% sure this will be the company name (it sounds more like a directory), but maybe I should add a directory section to the site as well! That'd be good for my Google ranks and would be a nice thing to do for "the sector" (i.e. my competitors, of which I have only identified a couple so far). We'll see, if this niche does indeed grow I will certainly consider doing that.

Anyways, the way I arrived at the domain was by realizing that two terms are starting to take hold for the online productivity web apps I am going to build on top of: Web Office and Work 2.0. I am betting on the former because anything with a "2.0" after it makes it sound too hype-driven, and now I also just realized that Web Office has a Wikipedia entry!

On a related note, it seems like WebEx (now part of Cisco) is betting on "Web Office" as well, since they own - they don't seem to support custom plugins...yet! 🙂

These 3 articles linked off of Wikipedia are a good intro to Web Office:

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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