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Weekly Release: Lots of Little Things

Hi there. This week's release brings about a bunch of bug fixes and little improvements here and there. I still have lots to do so I'm releasing this one a day early just to get it out of the way. 🙂

Here's the full list, in no particular order:

  • made the Tag Cloud control more compact and a bit smaller
  • added text styling support (bold, italic, underline and size) to the following UI Controls: Vertical Tabs, Tooltip, both Tab Bars, Button Bar, ComboBox and of course Button
  • added an "XS" size for icons (16x16 pixels)
  • fixed a bug with CTRL+Enter re-opening the text editor
  • You can now cut controls or text with SHIFT+DELETE as well as CTRL+X
  • The Tooltip control was renamed to "Tooltip / Balloon" and you can now specify which way the pointy tip should go:
  • Buttons, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Round Buttons and ComboBoxes now resize nicely even if they contain big icons
  • fixed a bug with images being saved with absolute paths in BMML files instead of relative paths (had to do with paths with spaces in them)
  • renamed "Clone Mockup" to "Clone As New Mockup" in the right-click menu
  • fixed a bug with the vertical positioning of text in the Vertical Curly Brace control
  • fixed a bug with very large mockups not exporting to PNG sometimes
  • added a second row of text to the Browser Window control (use to show the URL. Bonus feature: type anything that starts with www and Mockups will pre-pend http:// for you automagically)
  • Hitting Enter when selecting an icon via the Icon Inspector no longer opens the editing input field as well
  • fixed a very strange bug with pasting a nice side effect this fix might actually result in a snappier app overall!
  • Mockups for Confluence: fixed a long-standing bug with viewing old mockups when looking at a page's history (this was a big one!)

How do I upgrade?

It depends on your version, but in general you simply install the new build on top of the current one. Here’s how to get the builds:

  • Mockups for Desktop: here
  • Mockups for Confluence: here
  • Mockups for JIRA: here
  • Mockups for XWiki: here
  • Web Demo: here

Plans for Next Week

I still have some bugs I'm fighting with, like the occasional inability to save on linux or the misteriously reappearing UI Library.

Mariah also graciously drew 7 pages full of new icons and iPhone-specific UI controls (below), so I hope to be able to integrate some of it in next week's update.


Lots to do, so I'd better get back to it! 🙂



Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (6)

  1. Is there any chance of Windows Mobile controls being created (or even just generic phone shells)?

  2. Any release date plans?

    [Peldi: I’m shooting for March 1st for a complete iPhone set. In the meantime, keep checking – I’ll be posting updated builds there almost daily]

  3. iPhone images look great!! I will use the heck out of that once you have them in the product. Can’t wait! Keep up the awesome work.

    David House
  4. This is awesome! Hope you squash those bugs so you can add a bunch of new UI items. I can’t wait to see the iPhone specific stuff. I am writing some requirements for a couple of iPhone apps now and would love to be able to use the iPhone UI elements for the mockups. Keep up the great work.

  5. Incredible Job, this application is getting better and better as time passes. Congratualtions!

  6. Looking forward to the iPhone icons and navigation controls
    Keep up with the awesome work