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Weekly Release: Open Recent

Hi all, Marco here with my first ever blog post as a Balsamiq employee! 🙂

This week's update, as Peldi anticipated, adds "Open Recent >" to Mockups for Desktop. Thanks so much to Paul Cormier for the idea and to Erik van Eykelen for the excellent feedback, we have tried to incorporate most of it in the feature.

Here's a screenshot:

In case you are wondering, the "Button Again.bmml" file is disabled because Mockups has detected that the file has been deleted on disk since you last opened it. Fancy! 😉

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • fixed an occasional infinite loop in Progress Bar drawing routine
  • the Enter key did not commit text in some cases (see this thread)
  • in Mockups for Confluence, image attachments weren't showing up if your Confluence installation was using a non-null contextPath

As always, updating is as simple as installing on top of your current version, you won't have to re-register or anything. Download the latest version here.

My first week at Balsamiq has gone. We had to do a little bit of everything: bureaucracy, development, bug-fixing, some IT, some office furnishing...

My professional habits changed completely in about half a minute. Mariah and Peldi make me feel really at home (in fact, the "office" is their home!). It's wonderful, I like it so much!

There are lots of interesting things going on here at Balsamiq: I promise to blog about them, with special care to the audience of developers which follow us so passionately.


Marco for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (3)

  1. Hi, David. Mockups keeps the data for recently opened files in your machine’s local storage folder. You can find the exact location by using the About Mockups dialog. See how to show it here:

  2. Hi,

    Can you tell me where Balsamiq gets the list it displays in Open Recent, and especially where it keeps the network file paths to the files that it displays there?
    Boston, MA

  3. Hi Marco, good luck on your new adventure.

    I’ve been trying Mockups for a few hours and it’s the best thing I’ve seen in months, especially in Flash/Flex/Air. I will buy my license on Monday, as soon as I convince the boss to pay it. 😉

    Keep up the good work you and Peldi!

    Admiration from Madrid, Spain 🙂