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Weekly Release: Quality, Performance and Looks!

· Posted by Peldi in Products · 2 Comments

Hello friends of Mockups! 🙂

Small release this week but packing a powerful punch. Here's what's new:

  • we changed the font for the chrome of the application. We now use Lucida Grande on Mac and Lucida Sans Unicode on Windows and Linux. This fixes a number of bugs related to using non-latin characters in file names and links, as well as making the application look cleaner overall. Many thanks go to Byungchol who pointed out how important this bug was to our asian customers via this comment, and of course to basaaja, Yuta Kitade and lei han for reporting the issues in the first place!

    One more thing: since we no longer embed the SegoeUI font, we shaved ~300k off of the download size, which makes the app faster to load!

  • with the help of Jian Zhang from the Air engineering team at Adobe, we were able to fix the dreaded "stuck at setting things up" bug that some Windows users were seeing (it happens when your "My Documents" folder is on a network drive that's not connected when you launch Mockups). We now detect this condition quickly and just run the app without paying attention to the account assets folder.
  • fixed a bug with CTRL+[ and CTRL+] also affecting the z-Order of the selection. They now are dedicated for increasing and decreasing the font size of the selection (the feature we introduced last week)
  • HUGE performance improvement when scrolling a large mockup. Try it, the difference is amazing. Thanks to haqwin for getting our investigation started via this bug report!
  • fixed a bug with Underline not being selected by default in the inspector for the Link and Link Bar controls. Thanks to Patrick Schick for reporting this.
  • Cleaned up the look of the UI Library a bit (removed the hairline border around it and improved the selection color)

How do I update?

Easy! Just use our badge button below! Blog-via-email readers, head to our download page instead.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, these are the version numbers of today's release:

  • Mockups for Desktop: version 1.8.7
  • Mockups for Confluence: version 1.8.6
  • Mockups for JIRA: version 1.8.6
  • Mockups for XWiki: version 1.8.6
  • Mockups for FogBugz: version 1.8.7
  • Web Demo: version 1.8.6 launch it

What else is going on?

We are NOT going to have a weekly release next week. Instead, we have a few exciting announcements coming later this week, stay tuned! 🙂


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (2)

  1. An impressive fast loading, well done!

    Luca Perugini
  2. Performance on scrolling really improved ! no more lags. Great job !

    Alexandre Fabri