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Weekly Update: 1st Week of April

Man things are hectic around here, there are boxes everywhere! I just sold half of my personal belongings to my friends, crazy mixed feelings abound. Anyways, quick update:

  • It took me 8 hours (if not more) to make this crappy 5 minute video - man this stuff is hard. I want to redo it some day but I don't have the energy right now. Hopefully it drives the message across anyways. Let me know what you think.
  • Other "fun" stuff: I wrote a EULA (I don't expect anyone to actually click on that link). I have accepted probably 100s of EULAs in my life, it's nice to actually know what they say...I went from not having read one ever to having to write one, which was interesting. Anyways it was painful but it's done. I sent it to my lawyer for review and to a potential customer who had asked for it, we'll see. I based it heavily on the Atlassian's EULA, since I figured my customers will have to agree to that one before they even look at mine.
  • While I was in legalese-land, I also decided to add a "Terms of Use" page for the site, which basically says "you may not decompile my sample code" and "don't sue us if your computer blows up because of this site" and other CYA things like that. Yay. This one I based off of the one for, which I figured is a site similar enough to mine (with both content and apps on it). Again, not so fun but it had to be done. I feel better having this behind me.
  • Fixed a couple of big bugs (with some help from my beta participants, thanks!)
  • Met with Jonathan again to go over a few bugs, catch up, and brainstorm about how to integrated Mockups and JIRA. It looks definitely doable, much easier than the confluence integration actually (I should have started with JIRA!). So I'm excited to do it, I just don't know when I'll find the time for it.
  • Balsamiq became an official Atlassian Partner (look at that big ole badge here) - this is good because it gives me legitimacy with my customers and keeps me close to "my new mother-ship".
  • I started to seed my GetSatisfaction page with some topics.
  • I got set up with a JIRA bugbase account for my bugs - thanks Jonathan, you rock!
  • I fixed the blog so that people can actually leave comments again. Let me know if you still have trouble.

I don't have a TODO list for next week yet, this big inter-continental move is definitely keeping me busy. I'll see what I can do a little bit at the time.

Until next week,

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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