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Weekly Update, a Bit Late

Hey there, sorry for not posting this last Sunday. Basically the update is that I haven't be carve out some uninterrupted time to focus on Mockups development this week. The move to Italy (next Thu, can you believe it?) is seriously keeping us busy, plus saying goodbye to all of our friends here is a bit emotionally draining.

That said, I was able to dedicate little bits and pieces of time to more market-y activities:

  • I am trying to make a big splash in the blogosphere on June 19th, so I cold-emailed the following blogs: ReadWriteWeb, WebWorkerDaily, ValleyZen, IndieStartups, WebWare and I have a few more on my list. Out of these I have a product review lined up with one and I'll be writing a "guest post" about Web Office Plugins in general for another. Yay! We'll see if I have more success in the coming weeks. I am learning that the way these blogs operate is "get something tonight, post it tomorrow", so me giving them 6 weeks of notice might just be way too much. 🙂
  • I discovered Twitter (not sure if I'm late or early on this one). I find it an awesome tool for a small business, I'll write a blog post about it one of these days. You can follow Balsamiq here
  • I seeded the GetSatisfaction forums with a few more threads
  • I wrote a blog post on why I don't want to have a subscription model
  • I did fix a few bugs and implemented a tiny new feature (icons can have colors now), thanks to a new awesome beta member (thanks David, you rock!)
  • Now that even my current boss knows about Balsamiq I have started lifting the veil a bit and posting my link in a few places, like this - so far the reactions have been good.
  • I updated this page - I decided I don't have the time to create a WidgetBox-style site myself, I'll just try to nudge the vendors to have better plugin directories.
  • I started using the bugbase in earnest for all my bugs and TODOs - thanks Atlassian for hosting it!

This week and the next are going to be nuts. I am looking forward to this move being behind me, I can't wait to have a few hours to fix some bugs and finish the JIRA plugin!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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