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Weekly Update: A Month from Launch

The main new and exciting development this week is that I have decided to start selling the Dekstop (AIR) version of Mockups. I'll write a blog post about it this week, but basically it comes down to this: people are begging to give me their money for it, and it will be a source of income until wikis become mainstream (in a year or two?).

For the latest updates on what I did this week, you can read my Twitters here:

In short:

  • huge performance improvements by REMOVING some code. Yes!
  • improving the desktop version with New / "You have unsaved changes" dialog / better PNG export, etc. Now that it's a product I'd better give it some love...more to come this week (not a lot more)
  • new UI control (Modal Screen) - a couple more are coming
  • two new blog posts.
  • made direct contact with my favorite blogger of all time. Cross your fingers for me please.

This week:

  • more UI controls
  • more bug fixing for AIR version
  • more PR effort (I found a few other blogs to target)
  • I need to spend a little time in PivotalTracker to write down everything that I want to do and prioritize it
  • I am going to request for feedback on the site from the Business of Software forums (nice big vocal community of small companies)

Oh, and this is what I have been looking at from my window in the last few days while I work.

That's my dad playing with my son at my dad's country-side house. So beautiful.

Ciao for now,

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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