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Weekly Update: Week of March 17th

Hi there, I'll try to keep it short this time


- I finally got around to writing the licensing, serial-key / 30-day-trial code I needed. I was dreading it, but it ended up being kind-of fun to write.
- I have a few critical bugs to file in the Confluence integration story, but after that I think I'll be ready to post a 30-day trial downloadable plugin to the site. So exciting, getting close!
- I added the serial key code to the MockupsOnAir version, so it's fully functional only to license holders and not everyone.


- I added a couple of pages and refined some others. This is more of a way of life than a TODO item...anyways the site is pretty close to being ready to launch I think.
- I signed up for Google Webmaster Tools and submitted my sitemap to Google...boring stuff but it had to be done.


- I got my EIN (tax ID)
- I opened a small business checking account

In other words, Balsamiq Studios LLC can now legally accept payments, whoo-hoo!

My TODOs for this week (and probably next):

- fix the remaining Mockups+Confluence bugs
- add my plugin to CruiseControl to publish my builds live auto-magically (gotta learn some tricky ANT+Maven stuff)
- set up my site with e-junkie (bad name, great payment processing service)
- add more pages to the site
- redo the introductory video using the confluence plugin version
- meet with a small business CPA and get set up with his favorite bookkeeping software (I did research into it, and all I have to say is YUCK!)

Thanks for listening and keep that feedback coming! I am especially interested in hearing what you are using Mockups for and how it's working for you. And if you are not using it, why not? 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. Hey Peldi,

    First of all I just have to say I find your blog riveting, I started from the very beginning and this is how far I’ve got in 2 days! It was recommended to me by Ryan @ Carsonified.

    If you don’t like your bookkeeping s/ware then take a look at, I convinced my accountant to check it out and now he loves it. It even won some usability awards in 2008 which could be a first for bookkeeping/accounting s/ware.

    Keep up the good work,