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Weekly Update

Hi there balsamiq friends!

You may be asking yourselves: so what happened this week in balsamiq world? 🙂

Thanks to my beta participants' awesome feedback, I have made the following adjustments:

I added the following control types

  • Link
  • Link Bar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Title
  • Menu - this is the coolest

I fixed the following bugs:

  • demo window can now be resized (thanks Seth)
  • mouse now goes back to normal when you exit the demo window
  • another mouse-related bug Jason told me about (exit the demo while dragging)
  • I improved the drag and drop experience: now the controls are where you expect them to be, and you get to edit the text immediately on drop, PPT style (thanks Michael). Try it!
  • better tooltips everywhere
  • improved QuickAdd to ignore spaces and generally work better (thanks Seth). Try it!
  • text styles (italic, font size) didn't work
  • made the floating property inspector NOT be annoying and in your way (thanks Jason)
  • resizing now has a minimum 10x10 size so that you don't go crazy in negative sizes
  • straightened up the notebook background (thanks Will)

Features I removed (yes!):

  • bold text style
  • search in ui library

I'm sure I also worked on the balsamiq site but I can't really remember what I did, I'll try to keep track this week so that I can give you a better update next week.

We have two more people on the beta:

  • K### T### - my rock-star product manger partner-in-crime at Adobe (yes, I told her!)
  • W### T### - my super-star graphic designer best friend

welcome and thanks for your time, it's a privilege to have you!

On the competition front, Michael forwarded me this link: - they are going with the 3euro/mo consumer play, which is good news to me (I think that's a much harder sale than piggy-backing on Confluence). Still, competition is good, I love it!

I think next week I'll go back to working on the server-side integration with Confluence, stay tuned.

Have a great week everyone!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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