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Why I love Atlassian, an Inspirational Video

Hi there. Atlassian once again manages to impress me and make me proud to be affiliated with them. This is one of the best recruiting tools I have ever seen.

This totally fired me up, I truly hope to make a similar video for Balsamiq Studios one day.

Mike and Scott, cheers to you mates, FANTASTIC job! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (3)

  1. What a Wonder!!!

    I really cann’t imagine an Italian company doing the same. It would feel so … “unfit” to business. I love all this and I hope my company may be like this in the future.

    And I’ve seen Tom Cruuse Too!

  2. COOL!!!!

    It’s not only google to work in this right way…Now I’m looking at Atlassian’s site and I see that they are hiring in Europe (Amsterdam)

    I’ll try to send my resume and….I dont’ know…If only I’ll go to Amsterdam for an interview I’ll tell you thanking…

    For now, Tahnks for good news…


  3. WOW! Really fantastic!
    I didn’t know that Tom Cruise works for Atlassian 🙂 (position 4:00 in the video)