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Wireframes: A New Tool for Marketers and Content Writers

Let's imagine.

The Marketing Department just created the ultimate inbound strategy; the plan has been handed off, and now it's the copywriter's, designer's, and developer's turn to make their individual contributions and get the best results.

But, how can each member of the team know what's needed to achieve those results? More specifically: How long should the copy be? What goes above the fold? How can we make it more mobile-friendly? The list goes on.

Teams need to put in place a common framework to succeed. One that enables an appropriate information interplay where structure, content and design work together to achieve the expected goals.

Start with wireframes


Our designer and writer, Leon Barnard, in his latest post for the Atlassian Blogs, addresses this issue and explains how teams can benefit from using wireframing as a common framework to improve collaboration and bridge the gap between content and design. He suggests a couple of techniques:

  1. Wireframing to avoid the design gap: to help designers and writers communicate with each other and work in harmony.
  2. Wireframing to get better feedback: for rapid idea exploration and iteration by trying out visual variations, getting feedback on them, and then make changes.

Adopting visual tools to improve communication is no longer exclusive to designers. Marketing and content professionals are starting to introduce these techniques to enhance their workflows and share their work. In the case of web copywriter Kate Toon, laying out the copy and creating wireframes for clients “transforms the way they see the copywriting process.”

Still, wireframing is a new concept for many. To help get a better grasp on it, check Leon’s interview for the Inbound Unboxed Podcast where he gives a deeper look at the basics, best practices, tools and the benefits for marketing and content professionals.


Communication and collaboration are essential for our projects to deliver a delightful user experience and be successful. Having the right processes and tools in place can result in better products and more efficient, in-sync teams.

If you’d like to give wireframing a try, we've prepared a quick guide to help you choose the right tool. You can also try Balsamiq Mockups for free on our website, or download a free trial. If you need help, you can reach us in many different ways. We have extensive docs, tutorials, and awesome customer service.

Jessica for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. Thanks for the valuable feedback Leon 🙂

  2. Hey Leon,

    Being a great fan a Balsamiq, we have been using it to develop our own products and also suggest the same to our clients as well. We developed a mobile app to help promote blood donation We used balsamiq to create the wireframes and later we created an ebook on “Wireframe Your Idea”. Our team would love to have your feedback on our ebook, if you get a chance please do have a look at