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Wow, That Was Hard

Sorry for not sending out updates for soe long, but it's been quite a hard and busy time since then. My family and I relocated from San Francisco to Bologna, Italy on May 1st, so we had to sell most of our belongings, donate a bunch more and throw away a bunch more, then pack the rest into a big crate (now on a boat on its way here, very slowly), clean up the house we left (it was a rental), pack 7 big pieces of luggage (3 of which were over maximum weight), fly here, and start over in a new house, which is partly furnished but definitely not as livable as what we had built over the years in our previous place. It took us about a week to get over jet-lag, and yesterday it was the first time I could sit down and work on Balsamiq for an hour or so.

Man, I am glad the last two weeks are behind me. There's still an enormous amount of house-work ahead of us (we're totally redoing the kitchen next month, and that's just the start), but at least I am awake during the day now, which is nice. And in a week or two I might even have a chair for my desk! (what a luxury huh?)

So needless to say Balsamiq work has slowed to a crawl, which I really don't like. I hate feeling unproductive and slow...I really really do.

Anyways, I have added a "tag cloud" control type to Mockups, fixed a few bugs here and there (groups are starting to be usable I think) and started working on the documentation. More users are also asking to buy the AIR version, which is tempting but I'm still on the fence about it. I'd be interested in your opinion on the subject here.

I expect this week to still be mostly house-work again, but I hope to be able to carve out more and more time to work as time goes on. Even having 4 uninterrupted hours a day would be huge, but right now
that seems like a dream. Wish me luck!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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