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Design the experience before the pixels

Balsamiq is an easy to use wireframing tool that helps you find the right design faster

"I am amazed over and over again at how flexible it is! Trends come and go, but Balsamiq is here to stay in my box of design tools." - JR Harrell
JR Harrell
"Using Symbols I can reuse bits without having to copy and paste, and if I make a change it changes everywhere." - Jenni Merrifield
Jenni Merrifield
Balsamiq Wireframes example

Start with Balsamiq Wireframes

Nothing's faster for getting your initial ideas down

You wouldn't start building a house without a blueprint, so why start designing a website or app without a wireframe?

Sketch out that first idea. Then another. Then another. Tweak the ones you like, trash the ones you don't. All within the first few minutes of using Balsamiq.

Balsamiq app

Gray Pride

Relish not thinking about colors and fonts at the outset

We make it hard to mess with fonts and colors. On purpose! This helps you focus on the workflow and the experience first. Sweat the details later.

And don't worry, if your designer friends give you a hard time, you can tell them that it's not actually Comic Sans!

Balsamiq sketch

Plays Well with Others

See how Balsamiq Wireframes integrates with other UX & Design tools

Balsamiq Wireframes makes it easy to export images

High Fidelity Graphics Apps

You don't have to give up Photoshop with Wireframes. We make it easy to export images so you can bring them into a layer and start building on top of them.

Test your wireframes

Testing and Prototyping Apps

Upload images to other services for user testing. Use the Wireframe Skin for more polished-looking presentations.

Use libraries with Balsamiq Wireframes

UI Frameworks and Libraries

Fan of Twitter Bootstrap? Start with our Bootstrap Libraries and sketch it out before you start coding.

Over 500,000 companies create their software with the help of Balsamiq

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We also integrate with Google Drive, Atlassian Confluence and Jira.