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Discover why PMs everywhere are using Balsamiq Wireframes for UI specifications and idea generation.

Balsamiq is for Product Managers, Designers and Developers
"I love Balsamiq. It's a great example of a low fidelity user prototyping tool. I don't even ever touch paper anymore." - Marty Cagan
Marty Cagan
"I'm getting a suspicion that no one understands what we're talking about... so I'll mockup something in the meeting and suddenly everyone says 'oh, I get what we're doing.'" - Michael Bourque
Michael Bourque

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Get Everyone on the Same Page

Finally, a visual tool that everyone can understand and use

Balsamiq Wireframes was built for you. It's a user interface design tool that's simple to dive into and doesn't require any knowledge of graphical design applications.

Use it to create quick sketches of the idea that's in your head. Your team will thank you.

Balsamiq Wireframes App

Expect the Expected

A shared visual understanding means no surprises when the code is finished

Balsamiq Wireframes sketch

Using Balsamiq Wireframes during the early phases of a project means that everyone on the team can see what they're building.

And iterating is easy (way easier than after the code is written), so you can discover problems before coding starts.

Pictures > Words

Specification documents are useful, but nothing conveys an idea like a picture

Are you frustrated by spending weeks or months writing UI specs that nobody reads?

Spare yourself and your developers effort by creating UI wireframes that are instantly understandable and just as actionable as a written specification.

Balsamiq Wireframes example

Over 500,000 companies create their software with the help of Balsamiq

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