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Designing the Open and New Project Windows

We're working on the interface of the new Balsamiq for Desktop.

In this video, Mike will iterate on the wireframes for the Open and New Project windows on three different phases.

On the first phase of this wireframing session, he'll be exploring how users can manage Cloud and recent projects.

In later episodes, we'll follow him through the second and third phases as he wireframes how users can access local projects, and projects from other services that we connect to, like Google Drive, Confluence, and Jira.

We keep working on Open & New Project windows for Balsamiq for Desktop.

In the previous episode, we explored how users can manage Cloud and recent projects.

In this episode, Mike will explore screens and flows to allow users to access their local projects.

We're almost done with this project for the Balsamiq Desktop Client for Mac.

In the last two episodes, we've been working on the Open & New Project Windows for managing Cloud projects, but also recent and local projects on your computer.

In this third and last part of the series, Mike will wireframe the screens and flows for accessing Cloud local projects and other services.

Follow him to learn our process and a few Balsamiq pro tips.

By Mike Angeles
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