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Migrating Your Wireframes for Confluence Server or Wireframes for Jira Server Balsamiq License to Atlassian Marketplace

Currently, customers can purchase app licenses for Atlassian Confluence Server and Jira Server via Atlassian Marketplace or via our website. Data Center licenses for our apps can only be purchased via Atlassian.

This article is designed to help customers who wish to transfer their existing Wireframes for Confluence Server or Wireframes for Jira Server from Balsamiq to their myAtlassian account.

Who Is Eligible to Move Licenses to Atlassian Marketplace?

Customers who wish to migrate their Wireframes for Confluence Server or Wireframes for Jira Server license to Atlassian Marketplace must fit two requirements:

  • You must be using Confluence and/or Jira Server via Atlassian Server (behind-the-firewall).
  • You must have a matching license or be willing to upgrade to matching in Marketplace. Currently, app licenses purchased directly from Balsamiq do not have to match. For example, you can register a Balsamiq-issued 10-editor Wireframes for Confluence license on a 100-user Confluence installation. However, Marketplace requires that add-on licenses match server levels.

Why Should I Migrate My License to Marketplace?

Once you have migrated your license to your myAtlassian account you will be able to:

  • Purchase maintenance and upgrades via Atlassian Marketplace (you'll no longer need to deal with two separate vendors, and two separate terms and purchasing systems).
  • Synchronize your Balsamiq add-on's renewal dates with your other licenses.
  • Purchase more than one year of maintenance at a time.

How Do I Migrate My License to Marketplace ?

You'll need to contact us by email being sure to include the following information:

  • Confirm you are using your license on your Server
  • Confirm you agree to match your Balsamiq number of users to your Confluence and/or Jira server users
  • The License Key you wish to migrate
  • The email address for the myAtlassian account the license should be sent to (this is very important to be accurate)
  • The first and last name of the holder of the myAtlassian account
  • The organization (company) name for the License
  • The organization's full address (including country)
  • If applicable, the email address of your Atlassian Expert

After we have received your request and have verified your eligibility, we will send your new license to the myAtlassian account you provided. You will be notified by email with the SEN as confirmation of the migration.