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Troubleshooting Scrollbars On ChromeOS

An update to ChromeOS in August 2018 changed the default behavior of scrollbars. The new behavior is to hide them by default and expand them only when the mouse moves over them, when:

  • scrolling using the mouse wheel
  • scrolling using two-finger scrolling on devices with a trackpad.

You can read the full background of the issue in this discussion.

Solutions and workarounds

The Google product forums have provided some help and 3 methods to workaround the issue in this document.

  1. Switch to using a touchpad rather than an external mouse. Two-finger scrolling in both Mac OSX and Windows involves swiping up and down the pad with two fingers instead of the usual one to move the mouse cursor.

  2. Via the keyboard

    keys for scrolling

  3. Change scrollbar behavior using an extension: chrome webstore search: scrollbars

We hope that these tips will resolve any issues you are having with scrollbars while using Cloud. However, don't hesitate to reach out to us via if needed. We're here to help! :)