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Image Permalinks

Balsamiq Cloud does not currently have image permalinks. We are, however, working on a solution that is even better. If that has piqued your interest, read on!

Talk to Me About "Better"

Image Permalinks were a great way to share your wireframes with folks outside of your myBalsamiq site, without granting them access to the actual project. Customers would embed them in internal webpages, or wikis, in order to keep their clients or company updated on the progress of a project. In a lot of cases, doing this provided a better way to collect feedback than invitng them to the project.

We have done a lot in Balsamiq Cloud to improve permission levels, as well as revamping how we see sharing and reviewing, but we can do we are!

The Balsamiq Cloud Project Viewer

Instead of just embedding images onto your wiki pages or documentation, we are going to build a viewer that will allow people to view and navigate through your wireframes natively, right on the page. They will even be able to bring the wireframes full screen.

We are still in the design phase of this addition, so we don't have a firm timetable for its release. Keep an eye on our blog, as we will announce its availability there.

That Looks Great but Is There Anything I Can Do in the Meantime?

In fact, there is!

  • As mentioned above, Balsamiq Cloud brings new permission levels and collaboration options. That means that you can invite users to your Balsamiq Cloud Space with only "View and Comment" permissions, allowing them to review your wireframes and add any comments they have. They won't be able to edit the wireframe at all, so you don't need to worry about unwanted changes. What's better is that there isn't a limit to how many users you invite to your site. You could have 1 or 100 collaborators, and the cost will be the same.

  • Beyond the "View and Comment" permission level, you can allow public reviews of your site, allowing anyone with the URL read and commenting access to your project, without having to sign up for a Balsamiq Cloud account.

  • You can even share an interactive PDF or PNG Exports with your team if you don't want them to have to bother with Cloud at all.

You can read more about these and other options in our sharing documentation.

We hope to have more information about the Balsamiq Cloud Project Viewer soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch!