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Migrating from myBalsamiq to Balsamiq Cloud

Getting Set Up With Balsamiq Cloud

Signing up For Balsamiq Cloud

The first thing we need to do is get you set up with a Balsamiq Cloud account. To do that, head to Balsamiq Cloud's signup page and fill it out.

A few minutes after you click Continue, an email should arrive asking you to confirm your address. Once you do that, you can log into your Balsamiq Cloud account.

Creating a New Balsamiq Cloud Space

In Balsamiq Cloud, Spaces are like myBalsamiq's Sites - it's the place where your projects live.

Since we are only migrating one myBalsamiq site, you need to create only one Space. To do that, click the Create Your Space button.

You'll be asked to name the Space. We recommend something similar to your myBalsamiq site, just to avoid confusion. Once named, click the Create My Space and Start My Free Trial button.

And that's it - you're now set up with a Balsamiq Cloud account. Now we can start moving stuff over.

Uploading your myBalsamiq Projects to Balsamiq Cloud

You now have a collection of all your myBalsamiq project in BMPR form, and it's time to get them into Balsamiq Cloud. Before you upload them, think about which projects you and your team will need access to. Balsamiq Cloud, like myBalsamiq, is priced per project. That means that if there is a project that you and your team are done with (or, maybe won't work on for a bit), it may not be worth uploading it to Balsamiq Cloud right now. You can save it to a folder on your hard drive, or even a networked folder at your company. Then, when you and your team need it, you can upload it.

You have probably already been greeted by your Space's home page, instructing you to create your first project. While there is a button there to Upload a Project, the easiest way to add your projects to Balsamiq Cloud is to simply drag-and-drop the .bmpr files anywhere in the red square.

Of course, you can also use the Upload a Project button as well, but it's just not as fun. :)

Once that's done, give yourself a pat on the back. All your active projects are now in Balsamiq Cloud.

Now it's time to add people to your Space.

Inviting Users To Projects

The best way to add users to your Space is to add them to the project directly. To do this, go your Space's Home Page, and click on the Share Project button.

This will bring you to a modal window where you can start inviting users. All you need to do is enter their email address in the invite field. You can also specify their edit rights using the pencil icon.

You can add multiple addresses as long as they are separated by a comma.

As folks accept your invitation, they will show up as active users on the project.

You will just need to rinse and repeat this for every project. The good news is that if you're adding someone to a project, and they are already a member of another project, they just get added. They don't have to accept and invitation, or sign up again - they just have access to the project.

Our Balsamiq Cloud Space is Set Up - Now What?

The hard part is over. The rest is just clean up, so let's get started!

Subscribing to a New Cloud Plan

Since myBalsamiq and Balsamiq Cloud are independent from each other, you will have to manually sign up for a new plan for Cloud. While you can do so at any time, you can leave this step for last once you are confident all your data is safely uploaded to Cloud. The plans are offered on a monthly or yearly basis, just like myBalsamiq, and you can cancel at any time.

Resources for Helping Your Team Get Started with Balsamiq Cloud

After you migrate, it may be helpful to send your coworkers the Balsamiq Cloud Overview video. It will help them get acclimated to the new user interface in Balsamiq Cloud.

You'll find the complete Balsamiq Cloud documentation here, but it's often easier to just search for an answer if you or your team have a specific question.

We also have a great tutorial collection that they can browse for ideas and ways to make their wireframes even better.

And that's it! You're set up on Balsamiq Cloud, and moved off of myBalsamiq completely. If you need anything at all, please don't think twice about reaching out to us. We understand that this is only the start of the transition, so we are here to answer any questions, address any feedback - whatever you need.

Thanks for helping make myBalsamiq successful for so many years. We think you're really going to like Balsamiq Cloud. :)