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How to Display Wireframes on Multiple Confluence Pages

You may need to display wireframes on different Confluence pages. While there is no direct way to do this (for now), we've created this page to describe a workaround that will help you with this.

Displaying a Wireframe on Multiple Confluence Pages

Once you have identified the wireframe you want to use on different pages, open the Confluence page attachments.

From there, right-click on the image file generated from your wireframe (PNG) and copy the link address. The corresponding image will display the wireframe name in the Comment section, as shown below.

Once you have copied the link, please open the other Confluence page and insert an image. From the insert dialog, select images from the web and copy the link there. You now have your wireframe displayed on the Confluence page.


Including a Page Containing a Wireframe in Another Page

There are two ways to do this, both using Confluence macros:

1. Including the Full Page

You can use the Include Page macro to display the content of a Confluence page in another page. Any changes to the original page are automatically reflected wherever it is included.


2. Including Only Part of the Page

To include only a subset of a page inside other confluence pages you can use the Excerpt macro (on the source) and the Include Excerpt macro (on the destination).


We hope this is helpful but please get in touch if you need any further help to set it up. We're here to help! :)